Despite the increase in student numbers the DCS is committed to maintaining its high academic standards. The capacity of the DCS staff is to be developed to cope with the increased enrolment and to maintain academic leadership in ICT and other related disciplines within the university.

The graduates from the M.Sc. CSC Degree Programme are going to form the main pull of potential academic staff.
Current Postgraduate degree programmes
- PhD in Information Technology
- MSc in Information Technology

Current Undergraduate programmes
- BSc in Information Technology
- BSc in Computer Science

Upcoming undergraduate programmes
- BSc in Information and Knowledge management
- BSc in Business Information Technology
- BSc in Information Communication Engineering

Upcoming Postgraduate programmes
Graduate Diploma in Computer Science
Graduate Diploma Information Communication Engineering
Graduate Diploma Information Technology
MSc. Computer Science
MSc. Information Communication Engineering
MSc. Information Technology
MSc. Information Systems
PhD. Computer Science

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