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Dr. Daniel A. Otanga
Ag. Chair of Information Technology Department

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School of Computing and Informatics


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Strategic Objectives

1. To produce graduates who are equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for sustainable socio-economic development;

2. To promote innovative scientific and technological processes in order to improve productivity and development of society;
3. To promote local and international linkages and partnership with other institutions;
4. To identify and prioritise educational, socio-economic and technological developmental needs of society and facilitate the realization of these needs;
5. To promote continuing education in order to improve labour productivity and global competitiveness;
6. To expand and integrate ICT in the University operations.

The department offers two undergraduate programs namely; bachelor of Science in information technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Knowledge Management. The department also offers Diploma in IT, Masters of Science in IT and PhD in IT. The courses in the department reflects the application nature of computer science, and contains diverse courses ranging from basic physical sciences to applied courses in mathematics, physics, communication, information technology, business and management, economics and social science.
The curriculum in the IT department encourages the student to acquire the important skills of self-directed learning, problem solving and effective communication. The graduate is expected to be proficient in a variety of settings, which shall include management of computer information or systems, apply computer technology in day to day life activities, teaching and undertaking research activities, and industrial applications among others.

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